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Diana Rose Design

We're here for you...

Design decisions can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s why we help you imagine a grand vision of your home with impressive designs, well-documented drawings, and insider trade secrets that your budget will love. So you can enjoy the stunning transformation of your new home with pride and confidence.

Book a Consultation or reach out to get started on your project.

Virtual Consultation

This is where we can remotely chat over Zoom and get to know your project. You can share your future goals or pick my brain about certain aspects of design, development processes, budgets, or simply a piece of advice on what’s keeping you up at night.

In-Studio Consultation

This is when you meet us in our Studio and chat in person. You will be invited to indulge in the best cup of coffee (or tea) and get comfortable. You can discuss your project aspirations, check out our creative process, and take a peek at our current design jobs. 

On-Site Consultation

This is when you walk us through your home and share your deepest desires, most outrageous ideas, and aspirations for your new home. We go room–by–room, then provide recommendations, share some design secrets that you can implement, and propose future steps that you might need to take.

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